About AD Architecture and Visualisation

We are a London based Architectural Visualization company that provides high quality photo-realistic Computer Generated Images,3d Renders and Animations of architectural/interior design projects or products of all size and type.
With over 20 years of experience in the industry we have a proven track record of delivering highest quality images on time . Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every client. We take on all types of work from smaller domestic / residential work to larger commercial projects, all carried out to the highest standards and at very competitive prices.

Denizhan Olmez (Founding Director) is an alumni of Faculty of Architecture – METU. After having graduated in 1994, he worked as an architect and a 3d visualizer. In 1997, he co-founded with Alper Karesioglu and directed  “AD designstudio” for 20 years where he had successfully completed numerous architectural / interior design projects and their execution plus visualizations. He has successfully coordinated a team of architects, interior designers, 3d artists with a record of creating outstanding and award-winning creative work in tight deadlines.

What Makes Us Different

Architectural Background

Having an architectural background has numerous advantages in providing architectural visuals. Being able to understand complex plans, sections, diagrams and complicated technical data is the most important benefit. Effective communication with architects or other disciplines such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, lighting and landscape designers that work together with architects requires a relevant educational degree. Having total control over concepts and details of architecture and design is a must to accurately visualize an architectural product. How colour and light behave on structures, what a human eye can perceive in space and time are what an architect also artistically pursues in his/her designs and visualization.

Artistic Approach

3D Visualization is not only achieving a photo-real representation of a proposed building or space. That would not be more than a technical illustration or simulation. Describing the subject with scientific accuracy is not enough. You need to make people desire whatever it is that you are illustrating. All great visuals are born from the artist’s collective memories, experiences or observations.  Approaching visualization as art, creating inspiring images is a unique aspect of this firm.

Support During Design Stages

Our experiences and researches show that clients prefer a feedback loop with the 3d rendering company even after the initial design options have been narrowed down. Input received from test previews or animations helps the decision making more fluent which is not always possible due to imposed time constraints. AD provides support to its clients during the design process and even after submission of a job. Not many firms include support on stages of design because of either lack of professional background in architecture or choice of providing only final visuals of a finished job.

Speed and Fast Response

Ability to react quickly to design changes but maintaining the quality is as important as quality and price. Clients may have to revise their designs due to several reasons and expect the visualizing company to be flexible. This requires not only a proper visualizer skill-set but also relevant management skills which “AD” has gained during its 20+ years of experience in the industry.

Loyal Customers

We have attracted many best known high-end design practices and developers with quality of work, attention to detail  and developed confident, reassuring client relationships with prominent companies . AD shall continue to keep this record and build strong relationships based on reliability and responsibility.

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